Visium Plus Reviews: Answers to All Popular Questions!

Visium Plus is a relatively new solution for people being martyrs to eyesight difficulties. That fact is that an adult, young and even completely healthy person may suddenly have vision problems. What happened? Why does the text in the book “float”? Why objects from a distance have become less visible? The reasons for visual impairment Continue reading

Eyesight Max Reviews: Is It Good? Worth Trying?

Eyesight Max has been specifically created for addressing the deterioration of vision that can be caused by various reasons. For instance, when working with papers and a computer, vision inevitably decreases slightly by the end of the day. And this means that you are at risk of developing ophthalmic diseases. The risk increases if you Continue reading

VistaClear Reviews: Is It the Best Eyesight Enhancer?

Note: This review on VistaClear is for information purposes. You can’t use it for self-diagnosis and self-treatment. Be sure to consult a doctor after reading the supplement’s overview. The decrease in vision can be sharp (from a few minutes to days) and gradual (over many years). Vision may be impaired in one eye or in Continue reading

Peripheral retinal dystrophy: causes, symptoms and treatment methods

Under retinal dystrophy, ophthalmologists combine heterogeneous pathologies accompanied by progressive death, that is, thinning of its tissues. If the foci of dystrophy are located in the peripheral part of the retina of the eye, the risk of its tearing increases many times, which is fraught with complete and irreversible loss of vision. This disease is Continue reading

Astigmatism: causes of the disease, symptoms, treatment and prevention

Astigmatism is a pathological change in vision in which the light beam is incorrectly focused on the retina of the eye. In normal condition, the cornea and lens have a spherical rounded shape. A ray of light passing through them gathers on the retina at one point. With astigmatism, the sphericity is broken, has different Continue reading

Common misconceptions about contact lenses

For many people, contact lenses are preferable to glasses. Before changing the devices for vision correction, women and men are looking for information about the features of their wearing, cleansing, and care. And they inevitably encounter statements that, upon closer examination, turn out to be misconceptions. Let’s consider the most common of them. It is Continue reading

Myopia: causes, methods of treatment and prevention

The scientific name of myopia — myopia comes from the Greek word “myops” — “squint”, as people with this pathology are forced to narrow their eyelids to look at something far away. According to statistics, more than a third of the world’s population suffers from myopia. If the degree of visual disorder is small, many Continue reading

Corneal surgery

Vision correction, which refractive surgery deals with, corrects optical defects and various imperfections of the visual organ. The main disorders that most people face are myopia (myopia), hyperopia (hypermetropia) and astigmatism. Depending on the localization of the disorder and the specifics of the defect (anomalies of the structure of the eye, nuances related to the Continue reading

Blepharitis. Causes and treatment

The concept of “blepharitis” unites a large group of diseases of the edge of the eyelids of different etiologies. According to some authors, this pathology affects about 20% of the total number of patients with eye pathology. Blepharitis is a bilateral inflammation of the edges of the eyelids, usually having a chronic course. The pathological Continue reading